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    Landcare Mansfield

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    Mansfield Victoria Landcare

Up2Us Landcare Alliance, through community action, helps to preserve, protect and enhance the biodiversity of both private and public land within the Shire. We are also committed to the long term sustainability of small and large farming enterprises. We want to collaboratively involve as many community members as possible in action on the ground and aim to provide high quality environmental education.

Landcare 25yrs and beyond, what are our drivers of change?

Mansfield – Striped Legless Lizard Survey

Sunday 28th September & Sunday 26 October, 2014. Time: 9.00 am to Noon. One of Mansfield’s best-kept secrets is hiding in the grass and under rocks and logs around our district. The Striped Legless Lizard is a Threatened species living on our doorstep, yet very few people know about this special animal. The Upper Goulburn […]

Inspiring Small Farms to Grow Big Ideas

Up2Us Landcare Alliance together with the Small Rural Producers Group have partnered to present a series of educational sessions to increase your knowledge of farming small properties. The first session will be on SAT 30th 10am – 12pm at the Mansfield Library where we will be discussing Farm Diversification and what this may mean for […]